mdWe are introducing ourselves as, SEEDLING AGRO  Pvt. Ltd.,  (Our company registered under the Certificate of Incorporation [Pursuant to sub-section (2) of section 7 of the Companies Act, 2013 and rule 8 the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014] by the Govt. of India MINISTRY OF CORPORATE AFFAIRS Central Registration Centre and The CIN of the company is U01110TN2016PTC112206.) is one of the fastest growing company which generate and sells agriculture farms lands in Tamilnadu and has the experience relationship in the field since the year 1996.We are proud of its success in creating some of the most trusted and well regarded relationships. The scale of our business means that we have the chance to lead and have a global impact, we believe in connecting and feeling close to everything that matters to our clients is what makes for a long term and lasting relationship and that is our mission as a company, second to business. Today we have pioneered a ‘Relationship-based’ integrated services model addressing investments in Agricultural land, Residential and Industrial plots, we also contract turnkey agriculture cultivation such Mango, Amla, coconut sugarcane, Poultry and Dairy Farm according etc on invested land return profits to the investors after taking a reasonable service charge. We cover all type of investors according to your budget provision. Mentioned below is some of our Honestly and proudly launched great land investment projects spread across the Tamilnadu especially in the South part of Tamilnadu. We understand your dilemma for securing a clear title property by paying lowest price in the market, this can be overcome by joining hands with us.

SEEDLING AGRO  Pvt. Ltd., manages land through its own full time team. We do not sub-contract or sub-lease the land. Each zone has one manager, who manages the leased or owned infrastructure and the projects. We hire people from the nearest villages to execute the instructions.We lease all equipment like tractor, JCBs and tools on season basis. For seeds, we have one membership of the cooperative that verifies seeds and supplies. We own water supply equipment and solar power set up and after initial pilot projects, we scale them up. In addition the canals and stop dams and any fixed infrastructure is developed entirely for the purpose of our managed land.

We currently have good quality farm land for sale near Tenkasi and Tirunelveli, and with price range from Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 15 lakh per acre, which is attractive price going by the demand and appreciation we are seeing for these farm lands. Please note that this price is the total net price for the buyer including all legal and admin costs involved in land name transfer, measurement, demarcation (private labour work) and other sundry works that must be done after getting registry documents. We have currently arranged 1800 acres of farm land and we have a pipeline of 500 acres. Currently,SEEDLING AGRO  Pvt. Ltd.,manages about 1800 acres farm land, which includes various stages of farm development to farming and selling the crop at best possible prices. In addition, we advises/ partners for crops in over 1200 acres of farm lands. In seasonal crops, we grow Banana, gram, sugarcane, toor dal,all kinds of Vegetables…etc…… In fruits, we have started growing guava, mango, Jamun, lemon and Sappotta… etc.In addition, we also protect roughly planting teak and Neem Trees on boundaries of our land. We also have experience in horticulture though we are focusing on food production.Farm development activities start with one time ones like fencing and drip system. As we have a long-term approach to organized farming, we have been building private canals, water harvesting, stop dams and solar power at the farms. In addition, we have also started building facilities for farm house constructing only in Mud, and other amenities where we operate. Apart from the above, we hold experience of working in 2 different types of soil and terrain.

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